Aim and Objectives

The major aim of the SCARLET project is to obtain reliable information and tools for the scale-up of the CCL process and pre-engineering of a 20 MWth CCL plant by continuous self-sustaining pilot plant operation. The project shall provide a technical, economical, and environmental assessment of this promising technology, as well as the fundamental expertise needed for the scale-up and integration of pre-commercialisation CCL facilities. The following objectives are defined to reach this aim: The key process parameters and control strategies shall be identified by testing the CCL process in an upgraded 1 MWth pilot plant at Technische Universität Darmstadt with hard coal and lignite as fuel, aiming a target of at least 90 % CO2 capture and an efficiency penalty less than 3.5 % points. Scale-up tools and guidelines for CCL reactor design and process layout shall be developed and validated by experimental data of the 1 MWth CCL pilot plant. The results of pilot testing as well as the developed scale-up tools and guidelines shall lead to the design, cost estimation, and risk assessment of a 20 MWth CCL pilot plant to be built at the Emile Huchet Site of Société nationale d’électricité et de thermique (SNET). Furthermore, the techno-economical and environmental impact of the CCL application to hard coal and lignite fired power plants as well as cement and steel industry at commercial full scale shall be determined.


Building of 1 MWth CCL pilot plant at Technische Universität Darmstadt

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